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Il respiro delle note


Markus Stockhausen - trumpet

Gianluigi Trovesi - clarinet/sax

Andrea Bressan - bassoon

Saverio Tasca - vibraphone

Il respiro delle note (The breath of the notes) is a project born thanks to the meeting of 4 musicians from different musical backgrounds: jazz, classical, world, contemporary, united by a common passion for the improvisation and a concept of “making music” where the creativity of the moment and the audience live contact and participation are amongst the crucial elements.

The breath of these three extraordinary wind musicians: Markus Stockhausen, Gianluigi Trovesi and Andrea Bressan, with the precious help of the vibraphonist Saverio Tasca, is the vital and at the same time magic element that allows the quartet to explore a route through styles and languages.
Through the breath that becomes sound the listener have the chance to experience a concert where the expression freedom and the attention to different musical cultures, languages, and multiple sound worlds are the keys to get the gist of what’s on air in the world music today and to listen to sounds and to get atmospheres that are reflections and mirror of the our contemporary world

The ensemble repertoire is made of pieces composed by the musicians themselves, continuously modified during the performances making the best out the resources offered by the fascinating colours and sounds of the quartet instruments in a continuous research of stimulus and hints for new and unusual musical routes.

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